नमस्ते राही

I'm Mukul Mehta, a final year Computer Science & Engineering undergraduate at IIT Kharagpur. I'm passionate about programming and open source software and philosophy. I'm absolutely in love with Python, although I've been playing around with Go for some time and enjoy it very much. I'm intrigued by software developement and the idea of building cool tools and systems. For as long as I can remember, computers have excited me and I'm always looking forward to learning technologies and the endless possibilities that come with the wonderful world of computing!

In my college, I'm a member of Kharagpur Open Source Society (KOSS). We're a group of students who're passionate about FOSS software and ideas, and conduct workshops on campus introducing others to Git, Linux, Python and other tools.

While programming or otherwise, my headphones are blasting my favourite Spotify playlists, with the 70s being my favourite era for music. I'm hooked to Pink Floyd (obviously the greatest band of all time), Cream, The Police, Led Zeppelin and Frank Zappa. Recently, I discovered a neo-psychedelic rock playlist on Spotify, with music from King Gizzard, Naxatras and Tame Impala and I've fallen in love! Here's a beautiful playlist from one of my favourite TV Shows!


I've been working on LTTKGP, an open source tool to discover and play music posted by KGPians. I've been working with some amazing people and look forward to adding new features and quashing 'em bugs 🐛..

My semester has started (Online AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH) and I'll probably be buried in coursework as the semester progresses. I'm very interested in understanding systems at their heart and have an Operating Systems course this semester. I sometimes like to play around with Linux, very very often messing it up and I'm excited about the OS course and its lab.

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